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How to make friends with a dog:

"I discovered Green Mountain Treats at West Lebanon Supply when I was looking for a treat that I might give to my sister's dog, Ed. Whenever I visited Ed, he would bark at me incessantly and nip at my feet under the table we were eating. I usually bond easily with dogs, but Ed would not have anything to do with me. I bought the treats to see if I could gain Ed’s trust by feeding him a tasty snack. From the first moment that I offered Ed the natural chicken liver treat, he warmed up to my presence. Now he expects a treat every time I visit.  He no longer barks at me, will sit with me, and even lick my face. We are now good friends!

I also want to mention that my cats are also addicted to this treat and scratch at the cabinet to get at them!"

​-- Gene K., East Thetford, VT


"My dogs are picky eaters. Shaking a little on their dry kibble in the morning turns them into eager eaters!"

-- Pat E., Orford, NH

"Quick delivery! My picky eater comes right over to her bowl when she sees me sprinkling this on her food."

-- Joyce H., VT

"This is a great 'seasoning' for dogs in general - and particularly those who may be tentative about their current canine diet. Our rescue Greyhound finds this shake to be just the ticket, and our new Belgian Tervuren puppy - who was a 'slow' eater - now finishes his bowl with gusto....
Well-packaged, reasonably priced, and well made...I'm grateful this product is readily available for our canine 'posse'...."

-- David F., Fairlee, VT

"My dog Cava loves these treats so much. The shake is a wonderful addition to my dogs dry food and is working miracles in getting down the medicine he is now taking. I would recommend it to everyone."

-- Titia E., North Pomfret, VT

"Just a sprinkle on top gets doggie started, and before you know it breakfast is gone. Great for a picky one."


-- Majorie C., East Thetford, V

"We have two dogs: one with an insane food drive and one who is a little more laid back. Our passive pal would have a couple of bites of dinner and walk away, allowing the other one to dive on his food like a greedy monster. Now, with the magic gravy from the shaker, our slow eater is just as passionate about his kibble as the hungry one, and there’s no need to worry that anybody is getting food stolen or eating for two!"

-- David G., Claremont, NH

"My son’s young dog is an extremely finicky eater. A variety of methods and additives to encourage the dog to eat held no long-lasting appeal. I sent a powdered liver shake to try and it seemed to solve the problem. I followed up with a couple of the 2-packs. So far, so good."

-- Sandra W., Hanover, NH

"My dogs love this sprinkled on their food! I also bought some for my parent's dog (who can be fickle about food) and my friend's dog, too. A big hit with all of them, with requests to order more. A little goes a long way. Well worth the price."

-- Carolyn L., East Thetford, VT


"Amazingly good treats. Healthy and all of our pets (cat and 3 dogs) love them!! Highly recommend!!"

-- Julie & Titia, VT

"Our Yorkshire terrier (8 lbs) and Newfoundland (186 lbs) both LOVE these treats! They are highly motivated to “sit,” “come” and “please stop barking” when they think they will be given a Green Mountain Treat. Absolutely their favorite treats ever. Thank you for making them!!!"

-- Kelly M., South Royalton, VT

"My dog and I LOVE these treats! She loves the taste and will do anything for them. I love that they come in convenient little packs that fit right in my pocket. Plus they are nice and dry and don't leave a bad smell on my fingers. I also love that they are healthy - just chicken livers - no extra unnecessary ingredients. What would we do without them?!"

-- Tanya V., PA

"I had originally tried these treats for my two dogs. It became very clear that they weren’t the only ones to share these. Our cat has given up all his other treats for this one. Spoiled boy for sure!!

-- Julie B, NH

"Our son's dog LOVES these and our daughter's cat loves them too. Excellent gift item!"

-- Tony A, VT

"Terrific product, dogs love them and they are viewed as a reward even in small pieces. Really helpful as a high value treat"

-- Richard M., VT

"My two dogs love these treats. It is the best thing I ever got for them."

-- Kathy C., FL

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