GMT Combo:  Two 3 oz. bags of GMT TREATS, One 4 oz. shaker of GMT "Magic" Sprinkle for Dogs and Cats -

100% all natural dehydrated chicken liver


The perfect combination and a great gift for pet parents. 


Our TREATS are very high in protein, minerals, elements and vitamins A, and all the B vitamins, C, and K. Our pets tell us that the TREATS have a distinctive taste and smell which makes it an ideal training tool, even for pets that don’t typically vie for treats.


Pets love these almost magic sprinkles. Made out of ground up dehydrated chicken liver, it has all the same ingredients as the solid treats. Just sprinkle over food and be amazed. Add a little warm water, and you have a tasty gravy.Pets literally ask for it.


One shaker lasts about 2-3 weeks for two medium sized dogs, 3-6 weeks for 2 domestic cats.

GMT Treats/Shake Combo-Pack

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    • Great for finicky eaters.
    • Add flavor and nutrition to your pet's food.
    • Cats love this sprinkle on wet food.