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Two 3 oz. bags, 100% all natural dehydrated chicken liver.


  • Made from all-natural chicken livers containing no additives, growth hormones or antibiotics.
  • Very high in protein, minerals, elements and vitamins A, C, K, and all the B vitamins. 
  • Liver is very high in copper and iron, important nutrients that can be low in home made diets.
  • Our pets tell us that Green Mountain Treats have a distinctive taste and smell which makes it an ideal training tool, even for pets that don’t typically vie for treats.
  • For very finicky eaters try our chicken liver sprinkle. 
  • Great gift idea or stocking stuffer for pet lovers.

GMT Dehydrated Chicken Liver Treats 2-pack

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GMT Treats 2-pack
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  • The chicken livers Green Mountain Treats uses contain no fillers, wheat or hormones and are naturally high in protein and vitamins to create wonderful  treats and training tools for your pet. These treats should not be used a food substitute and instead should only be given as rewards, training tools or special snacks throughout the day. 
    For small dogs and cats, we recommend feeding no more than two treats a day, while medium sized dogs may be fed up to three. Larger dogs can have up to five dog treats a day.

  • We bag only the highest quality treats. In case you find a treat unacceptable within 2 weeks since purchase, we will gladly give you a store credit or refund (less S&H).  Sorry, no returns.

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