“If we would not put it on our own table we would not give it to our pets.” Judi Elsasser, Owner GMT

In Vermont we are serious about the concept of “farm to table.” We don’t think our pets deserve anything less.

Green Mountain Treats are made from 100% all natural dehydrated chicken liver and contain NO additives, NO preservatives, No fillers; just all natural chicken liver! Why mess around with Mother Nature when she does such an awesome job?

Some of the reasons we (and our pets!) love dehydrated liver as a treat:

  • Made from highest quality, naturally , raised chickens
  • Very high in protein and vitamins…think shiny healthy furry coats!
  • Our pets tell us that Green Mountain Treats have a distinctive taste and smell which makes it an ideal training tool, even for pets that don’t typically vie for treats.

OUR MISSION is to make healthy treats that will not make our pets fat! Obesity is a national epidemic and we want to do our part in making wise choices that will contribute to our pet’s long and healthy life.

OUR MISSION is to donate as much as possible to Lucy Mackenzie Humane society located in Brownsville, Vermont.

This past year, thanks to all of you, we were able to make a generous donation. We hope next year will be even bigger and better.